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Media Release: Landfarming – Toxic waste disposal or recycling of rocks, mud and minerals?

July 20, 2016

Taranaki people need our support to stop this “land farming” toxic liquids from oil and gas wells including heavy metals back onto productive farmland.

Climate Justice Taranaki

BTW Oeo landfarm incidence 2014 TRC 1280327 Photos from TRC monitoring report on BTW Oeo landfarm, June 2014

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) Chief Executive Cameron Madgwick said, “landfarming is nothing more than taking the ground-up rocks, mud and minerals left over from drilling activities and recycling them by placing them underneath the topsoil.

Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story. As Climate Justice Taranaki Inc. (CJT) pointed out at the public hearings on the Proposed South Taranaki District Plan, the euphemistically termed ‘landfarming’ is actually the spreading of contaminated oil/gas wastes on farmland, and mostly on the coast in South Taranaki.

By avoiding unpleasant words like ‘carcinogenic, heavy metals and toxic waste disposal’, and using relatively benign words like ‘rocks, mud and recycling’, the industry wants us to believe that it is a good thing to use farmland for disposal of contaminated wastes that the industry generates,”…

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